Friday, October 9, 2009

Persian Garden (Taken) sorry

This is a more traditional quilt and large enough to cover a full size bed. 100% cotton. It is called Persian Garden because it reminds me of a Persian rug in bloom. It now hangs in my daughter, Teresa's, law practice in Riverside California.
Most of the quilts in my closet are traditional quilts. Some are in various stages of a work in progress.

Hard Edge Abstract

This is one of my oil paintings. It took a long time to complete because each color had to dry before I could move on to the next color. The brush strokes go from left to right. This was very controlled painting and an exercise in discipline for me.

The Fall Trees

Well as you can see I am thinking about fall. Mostly because it is only 42 out today and it has been raining continuously for 36 hours.
The photos attached to this blog are of one of my favorite art quilts. The trunk of the tree is made form hand died velvet, yarns and cotton with lots of machine stitching. There is also silk leaves, and cotton tree limb. The trunk is actually 3 dimensional and inspired by an art quilt I saw in Tucson AZ in 2008.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Nights

It is fall here in the Ozarks and the leaves are starting to turn color and the weather is cooling down. Today it is raining so I am all into fall colors. This is called Fall Nights and is made form cotton and polyester and has beads for a little sparkle.

Iris in bloom (SOLD)

This art quilt was made 2008 in the spring as the iris were blooming in our yard. This background was painted on white fabric. The Iris are made from cotton, silk and polyester. Some of the iris are painted with water color dye. Some have Angelina fibers on them. This was a labor of love and sold quickly to some one from California. I hope they enjoy the vivid colors as much as I enjoyed making this.

I'v got Chickens......real chickens and quilted chickens

I am a grandmother again. Well not to the human kind of grand children. The chicken kind of grand egg kind. I guess that is what you call them when they come form chickens that I raised form one day old little baby chicks to these giant hens that are now laying eggs.

These were therapeutic baby chicks that I purchase as the request of my real Grand daughter, McKinzee in May, 2009. Knowing that she would not actually be there to help me I still purchased 6 baby chicks. I was getting over SHINGLES, that is a whole other blog. and I needed something to get my mind off the pain.

But now they are a year old and I have made a quilt called "There is Always One in Every Bunch" . So true in life as it is in chickens.

I fussed and babied them to the point that one of my neighbors asked me if I had made them a quilt yet. NO I have not. Our dog, BarBee, has one. Our cat, Muffin, has one. So why do the chickens not have one? Well winter is not here yet so never say never.

Any way we converted the pony stall into a chicken coop, enclosed a chicken run, put chicken wire over the top and now they are happy and I can sit and watch their funny ways all I want. They are hysterical and amusing and very therapeutic to have. They are MY chicks not my husbands. He does not claim them and will have nothing to do with them. So he says. But he did help build their coop, run and roof. And he does eat the eggs.

Yes we have eggs finally. After 20 weeks and $250.00 worth of chicken feed, structural improvements and hay we have our first egg last Sunday. We have had a total of 7 eggs in 9 days. Not bad for the first week.

The above photos show the 5 chicks, one died, and our dog BarBee. BarBee could also be called a grand mother as she has protected the chicks and from opossum, squires and night and day varmints.