Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pet Portrait of my BarBee dog.

My friend, Roberta Ranney, made this little pet Portrait of my BarBee dog. This is absolutely what she looks like. BarBee is a Australian sheep dog, blue Merle. As you can see Roberta captured her inter child look. She is 11 years old now and still looks like a pup.

Pet Portrait of my Muffin girl

This is my little Muffin Girl. A small little quilt of my cat Muffin and it sits on the wall just outside my studio. She likes to sit in the window of my sewing room and keep me company while I sew. I was inspired to do a pet portrait when I saw the one that Roberta did of my BarBee dog.

Me and GrandPa

This is my all time favorite quilt. This is a series of photos of my Grandson and my husband at the park. They are walking hand in hand over to the swings. But they stopped to discuss something. Lucas, my grandson, likes to do what Grandpa does. So when Grand Pa bent over to talk to Lucas, Lucas also bent over. So they had their conversation and continued their walk to the swings. Grand Pa Ted looks the same but Lucas is now 11 years old, 5 ft.5 in. and still likes to do what Grand Pa does.
I hope it looks like a dream sequence fading into the past.