Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Bunny 12 X 15

This is a very small thread painting on 100% cotton. I learned this method from Ellen Ann Eddy's class in thread painting several years ago. The bunny was thread painted separately and later attached to the background. Many colors of brown thread is used to make the fur on this woodland bunny.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink Plumeria 23 X 23

You can almost smell the pungent sweet smell of the native Hawaii flower. There are beads and sequins on 100% cotton.

There is a Snake in my Garden 12 X 19

This is a small colorful piece of garden fun to brighten a small area in your home. Kind of funky. But you will never find another like it.

Arctic Struggle 22 X 25

This is a somewhat controversial piece because it depicts the ongoing struggle in the frigid waters of the norther sea.
It is hand dyed cotton and the colors spread in just the right configuration to depict the sun on the ice flow and the blood spilled in the struggle and death of the seal.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ice Column at the Fresh Gallery 3-2011

This is a photo of me and Ice Column at the Fresh Gallery opening night and Artist Reception last night, Friday, March 4,2011. There were lots of people milling around so I could not get photos of my other two pieces. They were Cracked Ice and River Rock. But you can scroll through my blog and see them if you wish.
Fresh Gallery is a co op gallery here in Springfield, Mo. and this was their Annual Emerging Artist Show, which while will be there until March 28. Hope you can drop by if you live near.