Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Deep

This was inspired by my memory of the California Ocean. It is make from fibers, yarn, beads and framed in black wood. This is a mixed media art work with lots of texture. There is no glass over the textile so that you can enjoy the raised work.

Burning Embers close up

This is a close up of Burning Embers. It contains silk, hand dyed cottons, ribbon and beads. My friend in California gave me some beautiful red silk and was telling me about the fires that consume California. I made this to memorialize the smoke, fire, flying embers and ash that takes over an area. The loss of lives and property is overwhelming for the victims.

Burning Embers

Here I am at the 2008 Junita K Hammonds Senior Art Exhitition with Burning Embers in the background. This was a show the featured artist over 55 years old that are active and competing in the competative world of art. It was an honor to be juried into this show.

Friday, August 21, 2009

new inspiration

Today we went to a beautiful park here in Springfield, Mo. to photograph nature at it's best for inspiration. I have a lovely back yard but this park was acres and acres of grass, trees, flowers, water, rocks and the bluest sky I have ever seen. I have been working on a new piece and was not sure how to finish it. After our visit to this park I am going to declare it finished just as it is. No point in trying to improve on nature.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE ICE STORM (sorry.....I am sold)

My first winter living in Springfield Missouri was the worst in "living memory." Or so I am told. I was profoundly effected by the sight of giant oak trees bending under the weight of the freezing ice. Many trees were toppled and lost forever. As their branches cracked under the weight shards of ice fell to the feet of the tree. The sky was multiple shades of gray, damp mist. The air was fridge and forbidding. It was truly a most beautiful and dangerous time. I hope you can appreciate what I was trying to convey.
Yes.... I decided to part with this.   It was not at Waverly Art Gallery 10 minutes and it SOLD.


This gives you an idea of the detail work including the beads and stitching.

Meadow Lupines up close

This is a close up of Meadow Lupines. You can see the texture and stitches. This kind of art is hard to appreciate unless you are able to see it in person.

MEADOW LUPINES (sorry... I am sold)

have you ever walked through a meadow and looked down to see small blue stalk like flowers bending in the breeze? This is what they look like to me. Kind of like a Monet painting.


This is one of my favorite small pieces.
A technique that I developed and used many times to look like rock. This particular collection of rocks is in a river stream with the leaves of fall and the green moss of summer.

The Coral Sea (SOLD)

The Coral Sea is in the home of another artist, Elizabeth Brown of Ava Mo. (LIZ ART). It was an honor to me that she purchased this small reminder of the warm tropical waters.

Organic III

This lovely piece is called Organic III. It is all about form, shape and color with lots of texture. I chose to frame this to give it more substance and definition. I started this piece while living in California about 6 years ago. But never quite finished it until 2008. I like to think of it as my first completed art quilt.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

In the beginning

This is the beginning of my blogging experience.

I will try to take you on my artistic journey and show you some of my work.

This is not to say this is all of my work just the ones worth publishing and selling.

Most of the work you will see has been completed since 2007. Some have sold and others are available for sale. They will indicate which is available. If you see one that is sold and you simply can not live without it I will attempt to do another. But since they are all sold as originals I will not do an exact copy. Why would you want a copy any way? You would want an original. Yes?