Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Grass SOLD

This is 16 X 19. Hand painted silk, satin and polyester. Texture is created with yarn, ribbon and strips of fabric and beads.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fantasea III

When finished this will measure about 45 X 55 It is still in the designing stages and too large to frame.

Fantasea II SOLD

This is 17 X 22. Hand dyed cotton and appliqued object from under the sea. My Fantasey of warm ocean life.

Spring Grass

This is 18 X 20 and ready to be framed. It is hand dyed silk, satin and polyester. The texture is achieved with ribbon, yarns and torn fabric. Some bead work finishes the light airy look of spring.

Spring Daffodils

This is 16 X 24 just the right size for framing. All Cotton textiles, heavy thread work and beading.

Fall Grass

This is 16 X 20 and can be framed. it is hand died silk, satin and polyester. Texture is achieved with ribbon, yarn and tron fabric.

Hot August Days

This is 13 X 17. A small piece with beading, hand painted fabric and texture developed with ribbon, yarns and strips of fabric. This could be framed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lets get back to work?

OK the holidays are over. The dinners have all been cooked, the presents all put away the tree is down and the ornaments packed away for another year. Winter is settling in here in Missouri and the day and nights are cold. Not just cool but cold. As in nights of 20 and days it warms up to a big whopping 28. So You would thing that now I may have time to get back to art quilts. We can only live in hope. But for some reason I am just not in the mood to do much in my studio. I have walked in there, cleaned up boxes, cleared out shelves, and folded fabric and still no inspiration is coming to me. I have been reading lots of good books though.
Maybe what I need is a change of scenery.